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Tokyo 2020 : Simone Biles

by | Aug 7, 2021 | Blog

Contender: Simone Biles
Event: Women’s Balance Beam
Country: USA

Having claimed her seventh Olympic medal during her career, Simone Biles has been recovering from what she calls a mental block that left her physically incapable of doing the skills needed for the pedestal. The outstanding Olympian has admitted to being “freaked out in a high stress situation” and competing for the people rather than herself, something we can all relate to at one point or another.

Whilst training had been intense, Biles decided not to take the stand in the final when asked the week before. Instead, she supported her teammates throughout the competition all the while being asked a series of questions daily by an International Gymnastics Federation doctor that would clear her to compete. It was only at the end, in time for the beam final, that the athlete was given the green light; she took to the stand and secured a bronze medal.

When asked about coming to terms with her decision to originally withdraw, Biles stated that her problem was “why my body and mind weren’t in sync”. She explained that she had “trained [her] whole life, [she] was physically ready, [she] was fine and then this happens and it’s something that was so out of [her] control”.

Healthality’s team of GPs include some exceptional individuals that have gone above and beyond their medical education and taken courses in lifestyle and health coaching. Dr Adnan Ali is one of these coaches and has given a short snippet of advice for readers that may be struggling mentally with the stress of expectation:
“Everybody has mental health, and like physical health this will have its ups and downs. It’s important to recognise that it is normal for mental health to fluctuate, we all have good days and bad. Make sure to let someone know how you’re feeling – a friend, colleague, partner and your doctor in particular. They will listen and support you along the way.”

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