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Tokyo 2020 : Adam Peaty

by | Aug 14, 2021 | Blog

Contender: Adam Peaty
Country: GB
Event: 100m Breaststroke

Whilst the Olympics may have concluded, Healthality is still reeling from the unprecedented results, so we’re continuing singing our athlete’s praises with a selection of team GB competitors.

Adam Peaty, winner of two gold and a silver medal this Olympic season, has expressed the help he has had from an ex-SAS soldier that taught him to control his worries. The pair have been working on Peaty’s mental capacity when it comes to worrying about the sport, focussing on “trying to put your brain into that mindset that if you can’t help it, then why do we worry?”

Peaty added that the trick is “being completely honest with yourself and trying not to hide those feelings that may create anxiety”. The outstanding athlete portrayed the confidence, energy, and enthusiasm like the professional he is and took home three medals this season, a record-breaking performance that has made the news worldwide.

One of Healthality’s fully qualified GPs and life coaches Dr Adnan Ali was moved by the strength of this team GB player and had a few pieces of advice to share with anyone suffering from sports performance anxiety: “everyone will feel nervous about training, competing, and ultimately not winning. High-pressure situations face us daily and coping with these situations is what makes us strong individuals. Use relaxation techniques such as breathing exercises to help you unwind and clear your thoughts, but also remember to take some time out. Even just a short break away from the situation can help you to reset, reflect, and reassess your goals and challenges.”

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