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Genetic Epidemiology

by | Nov 19, 2021 | Blog

Our diets are constantly changing, evolving, and expanding. A lot of the time it’s to achieve goals set for personal or medical circumstances, hence some of us eat little and often while others track calories. Enter: Genetic Epidemiology.

A genetic epidemiologist looks at how our genetic factors and our environment interact with one another. One professor in particular, Professor Tim Spector, has studied how diversity in the types of food we eat mixed with the varying microbes in our gut contributes to overall health.

In a giant study of 1,000 individuals looking at glucose levels and calories, Professor Spector launched at-home testing using a glucose monitor, a finger prick, and a stool sample to look at the blood fats after eating. A log was kept by all participants of the foods they ate, and this was compared to the readings from the glucose monitor. The results were able to show foods that gave individuals sugar dips, reduced energy compared to calorie intake, and varying factors that implemented concentration, productivity, and long-term health indications.

Guess what Healthality did… We gave it a go ourselves to optimise one of our clients’ nutritional journey! (Not the finger prick or the stool part though)

One of our clients, entrepreneur and businessman Michael Christian, jumped at the chance of monitoring his glucose and energy levels. Nearing 50 years old, two young children, and an avid exercise enthusiast, Michael is in good condition with no known underlying health conditions.
Michael, as we all do, has his own gimmicks in terms of foods that he favours, and drinks he nurtures after Thursdays. This made him excited to see how his habits and food choices that he’d been making all these years made an internal impact on his health and how this showed itself on the outside.

Michael used the Freestyle Libre device which is a continuous glucose monitor, and works by constantly measuring the amount of glucose just below the surface of your skin. This is then read by an app on a smartphone. He used the device and app as advised by his Healthality doctor and stated it was discreet and water resistant – easy to park and carry on with day-to-day life yet simple to scan on the go.

Whilst Michael was privy to an abundance of information from his readings, his main takeaway was that the results enabled him to recognise when his blood sugar was low, thus his mood began to dip and decision-making functionality started to lapse.

“By correlating what I’d eaten with my energy/mood and then taking a reading, I could optimise my day. Ensuring that energy levels and focus were kept steady resulted in far more effective days. It was also useful to discover how little and how quickly ‘bad’ foods could show up in my blood sugar and thus impact me.”

By comparing these dips in blood sugar to the foods he’d consumed prior to the drop Michael was able to optimise his days more effectively, ensuring energy levels and focus were maintained when needed most. Furthermore, he could quickly see how foods that weren’t necessarily the optimum ones for him could show up in his blood and impact him on the outside.

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