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Habit Series: Part #1

by | May 12, 2022 | Blog, Resources

Do you ever feel like you’re running in place when it comes to getting healthy? I’m here to help.

Let’s start with a simple truth: we are all fallible beings who struggle to change our habits. And that’s okay! We just need to learn how to work with ourselves (not against ourselves), and we can make those changes stick!

Here are three key things to keep in mind when you’re ready to say goodbye to your bad habits and set new, healthy patterns in their place:

1. Don’t try to change too many things at once. Focus on one simple thing at a time, like drinking more water or taking the stairs instead of the elevator. If that becomes second nature, add something else.

2. It’s not time but repetition that is needed for a new habit to become truly ingrained in your routine. Don’t give up if you aren’t seeing results right away—keep that chain going, it’s worth it!

3. You don’t have to be perfect all the time (or any of the time, really). If you find yourself slipping into old habits again—that’s okay! Just pick yourself back up and try again tomorrow.



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