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Healthy Living: Embracing the Journey to Achieve Success

by | Feb 6, 2023 | Blog, Resources

Planning Your Health Journey

One of our most memorable holidays was driving the North Coast 500 – an amazing 500 mile drive around the coast of Scotland with spectacular views, enchanting castles and beautiful beaches. Each day we would drive only a short distance taking in scenery and history, on our way to our next stop over point. We had a goal of completing the iconic route, but we were also there to enjoy the journey.

Just like planning a road trip, it’s important to map out your health journey and milestones. We had to plan out our road trip, organise our stop over points, and research places we wanted to visit en route. Each of our interests were taken into account so that we all felt fulfilled at the end. Similarly, mapping out your health journey and knowing your health goals can keep you focused and determined.

Embracing Your Values for Motivation

Values are what keep you going when the weather is bad and the views are obstructed. Similar to our interests on the road trip, knowing your values and what drives you can keep you motivated to reach your health goals.

Committing to a Healthy Lifestyle

Getting healthy is not going to be easy and requires a certain level of commitment, just like driving around for 10 days and camping at a new site every night on a road trip. Eating well, working out, drinking more water, and getting better sleep are all important parts of the journey to a healthy lifestyle.

Enjoying the Journey to Achieve Success

We didn’t get to see or do some of the things we had planned for on our road trip, and even took some shortcuts along the way, but it was one of the best holidays we have ever had. Our kids still remember it fondly. By embracing and enjoying the journey towards a healthier lifestyle, you are more likely to continue and succeed. Sometimes things may not go as planned, but it’s important to keep in mind that it’s all part of the journey.



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