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Maximizing Motivation: Strategies for Achieving Your Goals

by | Feb 6, 2023 | Blog, Resources

Motivation on its own is not enough to achieve your goals. While it is important to help you get started, without other mechanisms in place, you can quickly lose enthusiasm, become bored, or revert to old habits.

People who successfully achieve their goals ensure that they have easy and fail-proof processes in place. For example, planning meals in advance, removing the need to think when you’re hungry and reducing the risk of going back to engrained habits. Other processes that can be put in place include planning your time and ensuring adequate amounts of time for working out, meal prepping, etc. are blocked out.

Having a support/ accountability system in place with friends, family, or a coach can also help. Introducing variety in meals and workouts can keep things interesting and help maintain motivation. Monitoring and evaluating progress on a regular basis can help you stay on track and make adjustments as needed. Being mindful of eating and learning to recognise hunger cues can also play a role in achieving your goals.

Finally, having the correct type of reward system can help maintain motivation. This doesn’t mean having a cheat day, but rather a reward that reinforces the good progress you have made, such as treating yourself to new clothes or booking a holiday. What other processes do you put in place to help you stay on track?



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