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Body Fat and Composition Scan

Body Fat Percentage and Body Composition Analysis using our 3D Styku Body Scanner

Styku provides accurate and precise DEXA-quality body composition with medical grade accuracy and consistency at an affordable price and in a non-invasive experience. Using the latest AI technology, Styku can predict your fat mass, bone mass, lean muscle mass, visceral fat, and more.

How It Works

As you stand on the turn table, infra-red sensor technology recreates an accurate 3D model of your body. This in turn is then used to accurately measure your body and provide body composition analysis.

Detail Reporting and Progression Visualisation

Detailed graphs and pictures show changes in your body composition and shape over time, allowing you to remain motivated and on track with your health improvement goals.

Download a sample report here.

Styku vs. Other Body Assessment Devices

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