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Podcast Ep.4: How I Do It with Mike Jones

by | Mar 14, 2023 | Podcast, Resources

This episode features Mike Jones of Better Happy, sharing his personal experiences and his perception of happiness. Mike believes that the meaning of life is to be happy, but true happiness doesn’t come from sensory pleasures. Instead, it comes from the feeling of fulfillment that one gets from being a good person and helping others. The podcast touches on the importance of finding one’s strengths and talents to contribute meaningfully to the world, and how businesses can be a part of the solution to the health and happiness problems we face.

Mike Jones founded Better Happy after serving in the British military as an intelligence analyst and completing 2 tours of Afghanistan. After studying mindfulness and Buddhism in monasteries, he experienced burnout in his first business and founded Better Happy to help other hard-working professionals prioritise good health alongside their work. With his unique background and dedication to promoting well-being, Mike has become a respected leader in his field.

Follow Mike on LinkedIn and find out more about him at betterhappy.co.uk

Discover the truth about your health at healthyandenergised.scoreapp.com

Get in touch at hello@healthality.co.uk



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